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Real Money Casino Gambling

Playing on your favourite casino game and being able to place a bet with real cash has never been as easy to do as it is today, thanks to the birth of so many online gambling portals that now accept real cash wagers. This section explains the risks and rewards that are commonly associated with real money gambling.

Top Canadian Online Casino Sites

The casinos featured in our listing below are the top online casinos we suggest to players from Canada looking to gamble online.

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#1 Royal Vegas Casino Royal Vegas Casino CA$ 1200 98.32% Microgaming Review
#2 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino CA$ 1600 98.58% Microgaming Review
#3 Roxy Palace Casino Roxy Palace Casino CA$ 1250 98.21% Microgaming Review
#4 Omni Casino Omni Casino CA$ 1818 97.43% Playtech Review
#5 Platinum Play Casino Platinum Play Casino CA$ 1000 98.56% Microgaming Review

More on Real Money Casino Gambling at Canadian Casinos

For some people, placing a bet online is just something to do as a bit of fun, but for many, this can turn into a problem. If you are the type of person that has an addictive personality then you should really be careful and consider how much you can afford to spend, before you end up with a gambling problem.

Many casinos will allow you to set daily/weekly spending limits, but this can be adjusted if you reach it, so there is in fact no point with having this feature because if you want to spend more money, you can raise this limit with the click of a button. If you have money to burn and plenty of time to spend this cash, the chances are that you will lose your money rather quickly.

You should consider your budget and then place bets accordingly. This will certainly make your money stretch further and will therefore give you more time to play in your favourite online casino.

If you go into an online casino with $50 and you are (for example) playing on a video slot with the line bet set to $10 per spin, you will be lucky to last more than five minutes.  Also, try to not put all of your money in to one game and try to set your own spending limit per game.

Sometimes the rewards can be amazing at online casinos. If it’s your lucky day you could hit a progressive jackpot or even be dealt a royal flush. To win online such a large amount is a very personal experience that you generally only get to experience on your own, unless you have someone else to share your experience with.

The bottom line is to gamble sensibly and try not to take gambling with real cash too seriously because you will always win some AND lose some, plus remember, the house generally always wins.