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Keno is a game which has a long and colourful history and is a popular attraction at most of today’s online casinos. There are several different version of this famous numbers game but the simple rules are easy to learn and the basics to the game are explained here.

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#1 Royal Vegas Casino Royal Vegas Casino CA$ 1200 98.32% Microgaming Review
#2 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino CA$ 1600 98.58% Microgaming Review
#3 Roxy Palace Casino Roxy Palace Casino CA$ 1250 98.21% Microgaming Review
#4 Omni Casino Omni Casino CA$ 1818 97.43% Playtech Review
#5 Platinum Play Casino Platinum Play Casino CA$ 1000 98.56% Microgaming Review

More on Keno the Casino Game - Rules, Strategy & Tips

Rules and information on the casino game Keno can be found below.


Keno is originally an Asian game which is also often referred to as a lottery game and is enjoyed by millions of players around the world. The rules are very simple (which ever version you are playing) and the idea is to try and guess which numbers are going to be drawn. You can adjust the size of the bet before the numbers are drawn and based on how many numbers you guessed correctly will then determine your prize.

The grid of numbers usually contains between 80 and 100 numbers, individually numbered. All you have two do is select from between 1 and 15 of these numbers and you will win a prize based on how many are drawn that match the ones you selected. The prizes will be phenomenal if you match for example 10 out of 10 picks, but if only one number is drawn out of the 10 that you picked, the prize will be very small, if anything at all. This is down to pure luck each time.

Strategy & Tips

There is no particular strategy that will improve your odds. This is the beauty of the game. You can play any numbers you want and hope that these numbers are drawn. The best advice to give would be to place sensible bets according to your budget. If you only have $CA20, it might be better to reduce the stake per game and choose between 5 and 10 numbers.

The prizes are quite reasonable of you happen to match 5 numbers, plus betting like this will make your money last longer. If you bet that CA$20 on just 3 numbers coming out, you are more than likely to lose your money straight away, so really try to consider your budget before placing a bet. Keno is a very exciting game that usually allows players to have the animations switched on or off. If you want to get your money’s worth keep the animations switched on.