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Baccarat is a card game played against the house that is often considered one of the easiest of all casino card games to learn, as well as one of the most exciting and fast paced card games. The rules are explained here, plus a brief strategy including several tips on how to improve your game can also be found here.

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#1 Royal Vegas Casino Royal Vegas Casino CA$ 1200 98.32% Microgaming Review
#2 All Slots Casino All Slots Casino CA$ 1600 98.58% Microgaming Review
#3 Roxy Palace Casino Roxy Palace Casino CA$ 1250 98.21% Microgaming Review
#4 Omni Casino Omni Casino CA$ 1818 97.43% Playtech Review
#5 Platinum Play Casino Platinum Play Casino CA$ 1000 98.56% Microgaming Review

More on Baccarat the Casino Game - Rules, Strategy & Tips

Rules and information on the casino game baccarat can be found below.


You will initially be dealt two cards and the dealer will also be dealt two cards. These two hands are then compared. You have to beat the house (otherwise known as the dealer or the banker) by your cards totalling closer to 9 than the dealers cards. You can easily figure out how much your hand is worth because the numbers are all worth their face value apart from 10’s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, which don’t have a value. An ace is worth 1.

If you have the same amount as the dealer at the end of the game, it will end in a tie and you will get your stake back. To be dealt a 9 and a 10 would be the best hand, because you will have what is called a natural 9. The total would be zero if you had for example a 6 and a 4 or a 7 and a 3. After your first two cards, you will then get the chance to stay with what you have (based on the strength of your hand) or take another card to try and make a better hand.

Strategy & Tips

Learning when to take another card and when to stay with what you have is crucial in this game. If for example you have a total of 8, it would be pointless to take another card because you will be basically throwing away a good hand. Knowing when to take another card is very important and trying not to be too greedy is also important.

Each game can take literally seconds so instead of making a silly risk, finish the hand and move on to the next hand. It is also a good idea to bet sensibly and not bet more than you can afford. If you are not 100% sure on the rules, you should try this game in the free play mode before you play in the real cash mode.

Once you are confident and have had a few hands and become familiar with the Baccarat rules, then (and only then) should you start playing in the real cash mode.